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Lavender against midges and mosquitos. Does it Work?

Spending more time outdoors or leaving your windows open? Insects can be annoying and cause uncomfortable bites. Read on to find out if using a natural repellent can keep them at bay.  What science says We looked at some studies considering lavender and its essential oil, as an effective natural mosquito repellent. But how it works and how to use it? Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) owns the repellent quality of its prized essential oil to its high concentrations of linalool (a natural terpene alcohol). This can, sometimes, top out at 25% depending on the oil’s composition....

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Easy aromatherapy methods at home by Harvest Breeze Westport.

Easy aromatherapy methods at home.

We know that a scent can be more than a pleasant experience. If you’re feeling stressed out or tired, scents, like lavender, can help to lift your mood and feel calmer and more energized. When you use scents to improve your health or mood, you’re using aromatherapy. How aromatherapy uses essential oils In aromatherapy, essential oils that are distilled from plants, are absorbed into the body, either through the pores of the skin during massage, or by inhalation through the nose. The scents released by the oil act on the hypothalamus, a part of the brain that influences the hormonal...

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The science of smell: what the nose knows.

Lavender is a very familiar scent, able to bring back memories, association with places, seasons, people. As all scents, it is very powerful at setting a mood. Do you remember the beautiful fragrance of cookies in the oven? The fresh aroma of the rain on the earth? The perfume your mother was wearing? They all remain stored in our memory ready to trigger emotions, reactions and feelings.  There is a science beyond that Scents are transmitted directly from our nose to our limbic system. There is the center for emotional responsiveness, memory formation, and much more. That...

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6 steps to a better sleep

6 steps to a better sleep

Doing the right things in the hour before bedtime can make all the difference in how well you sleep. That’s right: Sleep quality can be drastically impacted by your pre-bedtime ritual. That’s important because research has shown better — not necessarily longer — sleep is associated with myriad superior cognitive functions, including better learning, memory, and mood. Plus, high-quality sleep is linked to lower blood sugar and better weight management. Here are the top things you should do in the hour leading up to sleep according to sleep experts. 1 ENJOY A WIND-DOWN ACTIVITY This...

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9 steps to the perfect bath time.

Create the atmosphere. Start by lighting a couple of your favourite candles and gather all your bathing essentials in one spot. Make sure your towel and robe are nearby and start running your bath. Make sure the temperature is right. A little on the toasty side means it’ll stay perfectly warm for the duration of your bath. Choose your fragrance. It all comes down to preference: bubble baths, bath oil or bath salts… whatever works for you and if you’re soaking regularly this will give your body to chance to relax and reset. Supplement your soak. Add...

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