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Music & Perfume more in common than you think….

You may be surprised to hear it, but fragrances and music have quite a lot in common. Perhaps, the first similarity that comes to mind is their ability to create an atmosphere and elevate mood and ambiance in an instant. Like music, a fragrance can evoke powerful emotions, reignite memories and enable us to express […]

The Benefits of Lavender for your Feet

Counting your steps, enjoying outdoor activities, standing on your feet all day, wearing heels at work, or runners to tackle a long to-do list? Whatever your lifestyle, take a little time to dedicate to the wellness of your feet, and they will repay you making you fitter for all small and big adventures of life! […]

Sustainability and well-being let’s take small steps in the right direction.

I admit I am nowhere near perfect and I know I am not the most eco-friendly person out there (but at least I am honest!) and there’s a lot more I could be doing better, but I believe in making progress. I’ve learned that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing, and you can […]

Lavender Gift Guide

Choosing the right present for someone can be a joyful exercise or, at times, may require some thinking and exploring until you feel you have found the gift that fits nicely. I found myself assisting people shopping for presents daily, and I love it. The process involves keeping in mind who you are buying for, […]


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