Easy DIY Facial for a naturally healthy look.

Let’s “face” it: we love the idea of a glowing, radiant look and that is why we make sure to apply the right face cream to address blemishes, fine lines, imperfections and more. However, to give your cream the best chance to perform all that it promises, there is a basic step that we too often disregard: a regular facial.

Please don’t be alarmed!

I am not referring to the lengthy, fancy, “all pampering” spa treatment, which, of course we just love, but to a quick and effective routine that you can (and should) do at least twice a month to keep your skin in the best shape and ready to receive and absorb all the goodness delivered by the face cream you apply daily.

So, let’s break it down to a few easy steps.

Start placing a hairband to keep away hair from the face.

The first step is to remove all makeup, dirt, and residues from your skin. 

Using small facial sponges, damp with lukewarm water, start to cleanse the face using a face cleanser.

Execute circular movements around the chin, from the center out on the forehead, criss-cross movements on cheeks always directing from the center out (towards lymphatic glands to stimulate the system).

Don’t worry, once you have learned the movement, you will do it automatically, without thinking too much about it.

Be always extra gentle around your eyes, as the skin is very delicate in that area.

Remember to include your neck in any of your facial treatments, with upward movements.

  • Dry the excess water left on the skin.
  • Now apply the scrub/exfoliator, always with circular movements. Execute a minimum of 3 circular movements for each section before removing the scrub with the help of a lukewarm damp sponge. Make sure that the scrub has been completely removed.
  • Next, apply the face mask. You can use a brush, if you would like, to help stimulate the circulation and absorption of the mask. Apply the mask, starting from the base of the neck upwards. Make sure to cover all areas.
  • Relax and leave it in for a minimum of 10 minutes.
  • Remove the mask with a non-alcoholic skin toner, always with circular movements. Make sure all areas are perfectly clean. Pat the skin with tissue paper if too wet.
  • Apply an eye cream, gently tapping the upper and lower arch of the eyes, always from the center out, until it’s absorbed.
  • If you use a face serum now is the time to apply it on face and neck, gently massaging until complete absorption.
  • Finally, you can apply a moisturiser (and sunscreen if you are heading out).

The whole routine it will take only 15 minutes, and you probably have already at hand most of the products it requires. If not, take a look at the natural products available on our website.

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