A brief guide on how to choose a lavender present gift for someone

Lavender Gift Guide

Choosing the right present for someone can be a joyful exercise or, at times, may require some thinking and exploring until you feel you have found the gift that fits nicely.

I found myself assisting people shopping for presents daily, and I love it. The process involves keeping in mind who you are buying for, but also stating something about yourself.

Let’s pause for a moment and see how the simple act of buying a present works.

I love giving presents, always did, and I find that the “right thing” never had anything to do with spending a lot of money. Rather the thrill is always “presenting” the other with something that means “something”, like when, as children, we make drawings, and pick flowers to make someone feel special.

The practice of gifting has existed since the beginning of human interaction and plays a great role in our need and means to stay connected. That is also because we get out of it more than we give!

What do I mean? Why it feels so important?

Exchanging gifts is something we do naturally, and most of us don’t think about its deeper implications, but in fact, research suggests we are hard-wired to get “pleasure from giving”.

That’s right: science tells us that, “giving” triggers in our brain the neurological activity associated with pleasure, making “giving” a great contributor to our happiness. Giving a gift to someone we care about, allows us to communicate our feelings and appreciation, and it’s a way of showing love and devotion.

So, let’s look at some gift ideas that will easily carry a message of care and thoughtfulness, and don’t worry, you can work around any budget and still find that special thing that will bring a little joy!

I will start with things everyone can use and appreciate every day: I am very fond of simple treats that enhance everyday life!

A lavender Pillow Mist Spray is a great addition to anyone’s night-time routine and will make that moment of resting your head on your pillow extra delicious! That’s why the Lavender Pillow Mist is a perfect gift for Mum, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, family, friends, in fact everyone.

What if a gift offers an easy element of relaxation? Think of something that can be used during the day to help sail through a demanding life, a busy day at work, or at school.  A Lavender Roll-On can be kept at hand to be dabbed on the go on temples, wrists, or under your nose.

For your foodie friends, a jar of Lavender Honey or some Cooking Lavender could truly make their day and give their taste buds new thrills.

The yoga fan will certainly treasure the gift of a Lavender Neck Pillow to finish the session on a high note.

A Lavender neck Pillow can also be great to make reading a book or watching TV an extra relaxing time.

If you are thinking of giving a “shutting out the outside world” kind of gift, a Lavender Eye Mask Pillow is a perfect choice, ensuring darkness and a soothing fragrance that will lead to a restful sleep. And everybody knows better zzz, better life!

Lavender Essential Oil offers endless beneficial applications, especially to fight stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Perhaps teaming up an essential oil with a Lavender oil burner will offer someone an easy way to diffuse and inhale a soothing scent and enjoy the healing power of aromatherapy.

In the same way, the gift of a Lavender candle made with high quality essential oils can delight the senses, creating a warm and mood-boosting ambiance. What if the candle has also a special glow? Indeed, an aromatherapy glow candle will find a special place in any home.

Of course, aromatherapy has a special place in a bath as well! Think about Lavender Baths salts, Lavender Bath and Massage Oils, and Lavender Bath Bombs. For the lovers of hot baths, these are precious allies for an immediate feeling of relaxation, to relieve aches and pains, and get super soft skin.

And talking about skincare, who wouldn’t benefit from a Hand Cream? From a classic Lavender Hand Cream  to Lavender and Chamomile, or Olive Oil and Aloe Vera. You can’t go wrong, and you are sure to keep the hands of busy moms, gardeners, DIY lovers, and tireless chefs soft!

Do you want to build a themed gift set? You can match it with lavender body creams and lotions, certain to complete the pampering experience your gift will bring.

I think it’s truly great to make your present an invitation to enjoy quality time, be it a moment of self-care or a simple indulgence in small pleasures.

And if you buy a present on my website, just make sure to mark the option “this is a gift” and I will gift-wrap it for you and add a card with your message, if you wish!

In conclusion, keep in mind: being altruistic (gift-giving) nurtures our relations and in return the act of giving releases endorphins in the brain: a win win process that will give you a positive feeling about yourself!

So, giving keeps giving in return!

A reason more to enjoy the practice, and savour the joy of expressing love and care through a well-thought gift.

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