Do you have a couple of minutes to spare? Read on for easy tips on well-being.


Easy DIY Facial for a naturally healthy look.

Let’s “face” it: we love the idea of a glowing, radiant look and that is why we make sure to apply the right face cream to address blemishes, fine lines, imperfections and more. However, to give your cream the best chance to perform all that it promises, there is a basic step that we too […]

Lavender against midges and mosquitos. Does it Work?

Spending more time outdoors or leaving your windows open? Insects can be annoying and cause uncomfortable bites, so it is good to know if using a natural repellent can keep them at bay.  What science says We looked at some studies considering lavender and its essential oil, as an effective natural mosquito repellent. But how […]
Easy aromatherapy methods at home by Harvest Breeze Westport.

Easy aromatherapy methods at home.

We know that a scent can be more than a pleasant experience. If you’re feeling stressed out or tired, scents, like lavender, can help to lift your mood and feel calmer and more energized. When you use scents to improve your health or mood, you’re using aromatherapy. How aromatherapy uses essential oils In aromatherapy, essential […]

The science of smell: what the nose knows.

Lavender is a very familiar scent, able to bring back memories and associations with places, seasons, and people. As with all scents, it is very powerful at setting a mood. Do you remember the beautiful fragrance of cookies in the oven? The fresh aroma of the rain on the earth? The perfume your mother was […]
6 steps to a better sleep

6 Steps To a Better Sleep

Doing the right things in the hour before bedtime can make all the difference in how well you sleep. That’s right: Sleep quality can be drastically affected by your pre-bedtime ritual. That’s important because research has shown better — not necessarily longer — sleep is associated with myriad superior cognitive functions, including better learning, memory, […]

9 Steps To The Perfect Bath Time.

Create the atmosphere. Start by lighting a couple of your favourite candles and gather all your bathing essentials in one spot. Make sure your towel and robe are nearby and start running your bath. Make sure the temperature is right. A little on the toasty side means it’ll stay perfectly warm for the duration of your bath. Choose your […]


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