Stress Be Gone


Our “Stress Be Gone” Gift Box includes some relaxing, pampering treats to naturally aid well-being and relaxation. A calming set filled with de-stressing products to encourage a little self-care and rest that will surely surprise and delight.

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1x350g Total Unwind Aromatherapy Bath Potion – Made with a blend of Lavender, Orange, and Basil Pure Essential Oils in sea salt, to elevate the mood and fight stress and fatigue. Open your heart to positivity, soothe a tired mind, and restore inner peace with these aromatic bath salts.
1x 100ml Relaxing Blend Massage and Bath Oil – A refreshing and therapeutic blend of Lavender, Peppermint, and Chamomile essential oils in Grapeseed Oil that not only helps to relax but also to sleep better and restore energy. If you feel tired and stressed, add it to your hot bath or massage directly on your skin, especially on your feet and the top of your chest, to enjoy its relaxing effect. This oil blend will reduce muscle tension, boost mood, soothe the nervous system, and calm your mind.
1x 100ml Lavender and Fennel Essential Oil Mist – Enjoy this aromatherapy mist, infused with pure essential oils. This delicate spray promotes a feeling of serenity and relaxation and can be used to enhance the mood at any time of the day or night to banish anxiety and fight stress.
Breathe in this relaxing scent to help calm your body and mind after a stressful day and spray into your bedroom to unwind and encourage a better night’s sleep.
1x 60g Lavender soy candle – Presented in reusable glass jars with a cork lid, this long-burning and eco-friendly candle will diffuse the relaxing and soothing notes of Lavender for up to 20 hrs. Bring on the calm!
1x10ml Relaxing Pure Essential Oil Blend – Made with Lavender and Mandarin, this combination helps to relax the mind and body and provides a sense of well-being. You can add a few drops to a relaxing bath or add it to carrier oil and place a few drops on your feet, palms, wrists, or back of the neck, when you feel a bit overwhelmed or under pressure, or enjoy a moment of calm by adding 6 to 8 drops to a burner as this comforting blend will help bring a sense of calm.

These gift boxes have been lovingly created and packaged to make a special gift that won’t be forgotten. They can be sent directly to you to give in person or straight to a loved one’s door. There is also an option to add a gift note at checkout: your gift message will be handwritten onto a tag (free of charge) to create the perfect surprise and unique experience.


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