Antifatigue Gel, Lavanda di Venzone, 100 ml


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A balsamic body gel, refreshing and toning, helps to eliminate tiredness giving relief to tired limbs, heavy legs and feet. A blend of natural anti-inflammatory plants extracts to soothe pain from bruises and sprains. Very effective on burns, sunburns and irritation from insect bites.

Apply with a light, upward direction massage until absorbed. You can also dilute it in cold water for bandages or in a bowl of hot water and breath in the steam as a decongestant.

Key ingredients: lavender essential oil, yarrow, arnica, achillea, chamomile, ivy, eucalyptus, ginko biloba, horse chestnut, hypericum, nettle, rosemary, sage, thyme, dandelion, tarassaco, hops, menthol and camphor.

Plastic tube, 100ml

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