Lavender Charcoal Soap


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A truly amazing Charcoal Soap with added Lavender Pure Essential Oil, Argan Oil, Hempseed Oil and Shea Butter.

It will clean skin deeply, remove all impurities from the pores while keeping it moisturised and soft.
Activated Charcoal restores the skin’s natural balance and provides moisture to dry skin.

Not only it can be used for body, but it is good as facial cleanser as well.
Charcoal soap is said to detox and purify the skin, reduce pores size, take care of oily skin, help against acne and gently exfoliate.

This soap will smooth your skin and soothe your mind with the relaxing lavender fragrance.
In addition, it is paraben, SLS & palm oil free.
Try this Easy DIY facial for a naturally healthy look.
* Vegan Friendly * Cruelty Free * Handmade *

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