Natural Fiber Soap Bag


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This exfoliating Natural Fiber Soap Bag is a perfect and convenient add-on to your daily routine.
What’s not to love? You will get twice the use out of a bar of soap and it’s a great way to save those tiny soap’s pieces from washing down the sink.
It’s convenient to hang it to dry instead of leaving the soap to the side of the bath or on the shower shelf.
The bags helps the soap to lather quickly and exfoliate your skin as you wash.
When the soap is all gone, simply rinse the bag until clean and pop a new bar in.
Just place your favorite soap inside the bag and pull the drawstring and you have the perfect exfoliating and cleansing accessory.
Ramie is a natural material and is one of the oldest fiber crops.
Who doesn’t want soft and luxurious skin?
– Material: Natural Ramie
– Size:14cm * 9cm
– Reusable and durable

Note: Soap is not included


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