Dried Lavender Flower


Enjoy the strong aroma of the best quality dry Lavender. You will fall in love with this versatile herb and its many excellent uses and properties.


These buds are highly fragrant dry French Lavender flowers.
They are excellent to fill sachet bags or to add to bath & body products as the aroma lasts a very long time.
Great for aromatic, hand blended potpourri, bath teas and to scent linen and keep insects away.
To keep the flowers releasing the scent make sure, from time to time, to shake them and to crush the flower buds gently with your fingers: it would instantly release the most aromatic scent of lavender.
This way you are sure to enjoy your lavender flowers for many months.
Tuck dried lavender buds into decorative gauze bags to create sachets you can slip into dresser drawers, closets or your car to enjoy its aromatic and therapeutic fragrance.

100 gr packet.

Here some ideas to use these precious flowers. Have fun!

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