Lavender Reed Diffuser Refill


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A soothing and calming home fragrance with lavender notes designed to delight and refresh your senses and help you de-stress after a long day.
Use it to refill your reed diffuser bottle with a Lavender Room Fragrance that transforms your room into a fragrant retreat, adding a soothing and restoring aroma.
It will contribute to create a serene atmosphere and reduce stress and fatigue.
Just insert a few reed sticks into the liquid to enjoy its fragrance.
The fragrance will be gently diffused through the sticks, giving any space a fresh, long-lasting, continuous scent up to 16 weeks.
Flip the sticks every few days to refresh the aroma.

250 ml of high-quality fragrance,
Clear plastic bottle.
Made in Italy by Lavanda di Venzone

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