Verbena Reed Diffuser, Le Chatelard 1802


Let Verbena bring bright and happy notes into your space with its unmistakable fresh, lemony scent. The sweet, fruity undertones will help setting a stimulating and energizing ambience.

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Revitalize your home with the sharp, zesty and fresh aroma of Verbena made in Provence.
This Verbena scent allows you to benefit from a longer duration of use.
The fresh, lemony scent of verbena creates a light, uplifting atmosphere in your home.
For an interior that smells good and vibrant in any season.

Reed diffusers are perfect to refresh the air, remove unpleasant odours and create a positive atmosphere for your home or office.
Simply place the traditional rattan reed into the bottle and enjoy up to 10 weeks of natural fragrance.
Flip the sticks every few days to refresh the aroma.

This diffuser set includes:
200 ml of high-quality fragrance,
a refillable/reusable glass bottle
and diffuser reeds.
Made in France by Le Chatelard 1802
This reed diffuser is made of water, alcohol and perfume from Grasse only, for a superior quality.
Read more about the power of scents and aromatherapy at home.

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