Lavender & Fennel Essential Oil Mist, 100ml


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Enjoy this aromatherapy mist, infused with pure essential oils from Lavender and Fennel.
This delicate spray promotes a feeling of serenity and relaxation, and can be used to enhance the mood any time of the day or night.

Key Ingredients:
Lavender helps banish anxiety, and can also be a way to soothe stress.
If you feel wound-up after an especially stressful day at the office, breathing in the relaxing scent of lavender oil could help calm your body and mind
Diffusing Fennel essential oil can help give you the sense of focus and clarity of mind
Witch Hazel is used in this spray instead of alcohol for great evaporation into the room and bed linen, and is gentle on the skin.
To unwind, spray the mist above the head or directly onto bed linen to encourage a better night’s sleep.

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