Article on how to implement sustainable habits in everyday life and in business

Sustainability and well-being let’s take small steps in the right direction.

I admit I am nowhere near perfect and I know I am not the most eco-friendly person out there (but at least I am honest!) and there’s a lot more I could be doing better, but I believe in making progress.

I’ve learned that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing, and you can make small, simple switches here and there to make a difference, and this approach can serve you well in many different aspects of life, from adding more exercise to implementing helpful habits for better sleep, or healthier choices on food, skincare or time management to fit, perhaps more “me time” in your life.

The secret is to start small, don’t get overwhelmed, and slowly savour the benefits that even tiny changes can bring.

Best of all, a lot of these small changes are really easy and will build a great impact in the long run. In the same way, I am actively trying to make better decisions toward sustainability, keeping in mind a very simple mantra:

Have you heard of the 3R concept? Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. It is easier than you think.

For instance, I bring my own coffee cup at work, I use durable grocery bags, the same for my water bottle, I walk my way to work (ok, it’s just over 2 km…) and I definitively try hard not to waste, and that is a general rule that applies to everything from food to cosmetic products, to clothing, to energy. It’s an attitude that has become natural in time, and I promise you, very rarely you will get the feeling that you are missing out on something. Try. You will realize that you can indeed have a more sustainable lifestyle, with the added benefits of cost savings, improved efficiency, and reduced waste. Now, that is a result!

Being more sustainable in the store translates into different things.

It starts with the brands we bring to our customers.

It makes a difference to source, as much as possible, from companies with a clear stand on environmental sustainability, and from small brands offering a low environmental impact, focused on ethically sourced material, resource-conserving manner of production, and eco packaging. Then there is the packaging we use in-store.

I know by experience how eye-appealing packaging is an important factor in sales success, and, trust me, I love to offer my customers the option of a well-presented gift to bring to their family and friends.  

And now, thanks to the progress made in the recycling process, we can concentrate on materials that respond to the 3R principle: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Therefore biodegradable, recycled, and recyclable packaging is the preferable way to go, like clear plastic, cardboard, and paper, always avoiding being wasteful and making every “bag” count!

From paper bags to tissue paper, informative material, etc, we can choose more environmentally friendly packaging to lessen our impact without compromising on the presentation of products.

In the store, you find small jute bags, paper boxes, cardboard boxes, and durable wicker baskets as gift-packing solutions, all easy to re-gift, reuse or recycle.

If you buy on our website you will notice that we prefer to pack your order in recycled/reused cardboard boxes, paper, and bubble wrap, to prolong the life and use of these materials.

At home, you can dispose of all our packaging material in your green bin.

Take a look at our Themed Lavender Gift Sets : they are presented in cardboard boxes, ensuring sustainability and still maintaining a great look.

I know what you are thinking, sometimes, the signs of our impact on the planet seem already so profound to make appear futile any effort to change its trajectory.

But even so, I feel we cannot overlook our contribution one way or another.

After all, each small act has a ripple effect on the way we relate to the world we live in and the people we share it with. And that’s not all! Did I say in the title “sustainability and well-being”?

Embracing the effort of acting more sustainably and learning how to reduce our trace in the environment, in time, will reward you with a greater sense of well-being and happiness. Yes “Sustainable Happiness” has been proved in years of studies and researches worldwide, and documents the deep connection between “doing the right thing” and well-being thanks to the realization that we can all benefit from being kind to nature and making mindful choices. The simple knowledge of contributing to a better use of our resources brings great satisfaction and in turn, becomes a source of happiness. Yes, it makes sense in many ways.

Starting from small changes in our daily actions we can do our part toward a more sustainable lifestyle and greater life satisfaction, feeling that we made the right decision, and not just for us:

our life is deeply intertwined with the world around us and when we care, life feels good.

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