The science of smell: what the nose knows.

Lavender is a very familiar scent, able to bring back memories and associations with places, seasons, and people.

As with all scents, it is very powerful at setting a mood.

Do you remember the beautiful fragrance of cookies in the oven? The fresh aroma of the rain on the earth? The perfume your mother was wearing?

They all remain stored in our memory, ready to trigger emotions, reactions, and feelings. 

There is a science beyond that

Scents are transmitted directly from our nose to our limbic system.

There is the centre for emotional responsiveness, memory formation, and much more.

That is why scents speak directly to our emotions before they get to our rational minds.

In addition, lavender has also components able to reach our neurotransmitters to induce the brain to quiet its activities and release feel-good hormones.

This is why, in aromatherapy, lavender remains “the go-to” fragrance to help reduce anxiety, stress, insomnia, and restlessness.

This sweet fragrance can do a lot to soothe the mind, and it works for all ages: children, adults and elderly alike.

You can use the fragrance to help you through a demanding day at work, a long day of studying, or to unwind before you go to bed.

Here is a great article on the science of smell “What the nose knows“, exploring in detail the vast impact of smells in our everyday lives and behaviours!

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